Top downloaded papers

Four papers from the CAPAM selectivity workshop special issue are in the Fisheries Research journal’s top 25 downloads (as of 8/6/2014). The papers are listed below, CAPAM staff/members highlighted in bold):

* Maunder, M. N., Crone, P. R., Valero, J. L., Semmens, B. X. 2014. Selectivity: Theory, estimation, and application in fishery stock assessment models. Fisheries Research, 158: 1-4. Link

* Sampson, D. B. 2014. Fishery selection and its relevance to stock assessment and fishery management. Fisheries Research, 158: 5-14. Link

* Butterworth, D. S., Rademeyer, R. A., Brandão, A., Geromont, H. F., Johnston, S. J. 2014. Does selectivity matter? A fisheries management perspective. Fisheries Research, 158: 194-204. Link

* Punt, A. E., Hurtado-Ferro, F., Whitten, A. R. 2014. Model selection for selectivity in fisheries stock assessments. Fisheries Research, 158: 124-134. Link

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