Stock Synthesis Course, January 22 to 26 2018, Chile

A course on the stock assessment modeling platform Stock Synthesis (SS) will be conducted during January 22 and 26, 2018 at the Universidad de Concepcion in Chile. This course is intended for intermediate/advanced SS users from Spanish Speakers/Latin Countries. Other interested participants are welcomed to contact the course organizers to inquire about participating. The course will be taught in Spanish and English. 

The course will cover the transition from previous SS versions to the current version (SS version 3.3). The course is planned around a series of lectures and model building and diagnostic sessions. These are likely to include review of: 1) advanced recruitment estimation option in SS and 2) estimation the initial fishing mortality in SS for fisheries with incomplete catch time series, 3) data weighting/model tuning, 4) specification and use of priors, 5) SS Starter file tools, and 6) forecast file and projection options/implementation and understanding forecast output file, 7) communicating stock assessment uncertainty, and 8) reference points and fishery harvest control rules.

For further information please contact Dr. Juan Valero (