Fishery Researchers Gather for Inaugural CAPAM Workshop on Modeling Selectivity in Fish Stock Assessments

La Jolla, CA (March 11-14th, 2013) — Over 70 fishery researchers from around the world gathered recently at a Workshop for purposes of evaluating an important phenomenon related to underlying fish and fishing processes, ‘selectivity’ or the probability of fish being captured, or not. Selectivity considerations, as part of formal stock assessments, can be very influential to bottom-line results generated from stock assessment models, including critical statistics important to fishery management and the overriding goal to develop and maintain sustainable fishing practices for marine resources. The 4-day Workshop, held at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center (SWFSC, NOAA Fisheries) and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO, UCSD), was the first organized by the newly established Center for Advancement of Population Assessment Methodology (CAPAM).

Special Issue on Selectivity of the journal Fisheries Research, resulting from the Selectivity Workshop 

Selectivity workshop report: Selectivity: theory, estimation, and application in fishery stock assessment models