Recruitment Workshop

The Center for the Advancement of Population Assessment Methodology (CAPAM) hosted a technical workshop on Recruitment: theory, estimation, and application in fishery stock assessment models in Miami, FL, USA, October 30th-November 3rd, 2017.
The recruitment workshop was the fourth in a series organized by CAPAM as part of its Good Practices in Stock Assessment Modeling Program for improving fishery stock assessments. The workshop was sponsored by NOAA and the University of Miami.
The primary goal of the workshop was to provide advice and guidance on practices for modeling recruitment in fishery assessments. The focus was on model specification, parameter estimation, and management consequences. The 5-day forum included an interactive modeling session, keynote and research presentations, and focused discussions on major topics describing mechanistic process to time series modelling and management implications. Major topics, the chair, and invited speakers included:
  • Chair – Clay Porch (SEFSC-NOAA)
  • Underlying Biological processes - Ken Rose (LSU)
  • The stock-recruitment relationship - Trevor Branch (UW)
  • Temporal variation in recruitment - Mark Maunder (IATTC)
  • Spatial and other considerations - Andre Punt (UW)
  • Management implications of modelling recruitment - Eva Plaganyi (CSIRO)
  • Modelling recruitment in tuna stock assessments – CSIRO (Page Eveson)
  • Modeling recruitment in stock assessments using the Stock Synthesis modeling framework (Ian Taylor) and CASAL (Craig Marsh, NIWA). A half-day session held on Monday (October 30th) afternoon.

Scientists were encouraged to present work from both ongoing research efforts, as well as completed studies, and a total of 36 talks including keynotes were presented. A total of 95 attendees registered, and on average 20 people were online at a given time. A special issue in the journal Fisheries Research is planned for papers developed from the workshop (when submitting at Fisheries Research choose article type as SI: Recruitment). For more information concerning the overall workshop, please contact SEFSC staff (, and also visit the CAPAM website (

Location: RSMAS (University of Miami) & Southeast Fisheries Science Center, Miami, FL 33149, USA