Recordings and Presentations from the CAPAM Selectivity Workshop

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Monday, March 11, 2013
  Overview- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  Interactive SS Working Session- 
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
  Dave Sampson- Start: 0:04:00- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  David Somerton- Start: 1:03:00- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  Amy Schueller- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_2, PowerPoint
  Liming Song et al.- Start: 0:30:00- Recording_2, PowerPoint
  Felipe Hurtado-Ferro et al.- Start: 0:53:00 Recording_2PowerPoint
  John Walter et al.- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_3PowerPoint
  Focus question/discussion- Start: 0:31:00- Recording_3
  Jim Ianelli- Start: 0:02:00- Recording_4PowerPoint
  Shigehide Iwata- Start: 1:04:00- Recording_4PowerPoint
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
  Andre Punt- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  Dana Hanselman et al.- Start: 1:03:00- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  Momoko Ichinokawa et al.- Start: 1:26:00- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  Steve Teo- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_2, PowerPoint
  Focus question/discussion- Start: 0:54:00- Recording_2
  Dean Courtney- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_3, PowerPoint
  Paul Crone- Start: 0:27:00- Recording_3, PowerPoint
  Brandon Owashi- Start: 0:58:00- Recording_3, PowerPoint
  Alexandre Aires da Silva- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_4, PowerPoint
  Hui-Hua Lee et al.- Start: 0:33:00Recording_4, PowerPoint
  James Thorson- Start: 1:01:00Recording_4, PowerPoint
Thursday, March 14, 2013
  Steve Martell et al.- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  Doug Kinzey et al.- Start: 0:33:00- Recording_1, PowerPoint
  Focus question/discussion- Start: 1:03:00Recording_1
  Doug Butterworth- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_2, PowerPoint
  Sheng-Ping Wang- Start: 1:03:00- Recording_2, PowerPoint
  Rishi Sharma- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_3, PowerPoint
  Ian Stewart- Start: 0:00:00- Recording_3b, PowerPoint
  Focus question/discussion and closing remarks by
  Mark Maunder: Start: 0:00:00- Recording_4